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Zara Class Heavy Cruiser

The RM Heavy Cruiser Zara

The Zara was an improved version of the Trento class with better armor than its predecessor. All units were built from 1931 to 1932. The Fiume, Pola, and Zara all took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan, where they confronted armament much bigger than the 8 inch shells they were designed to absorb. All units in this engagement were lost by impact of British 15 inch shells at close range. The Gorizia was sunk by a joint Italo-British Human Torpedo attack in June, 1944.


Length 182.8 m
Speed 32-35 knots
Beam 20.6m
Main Guns 8 x8 in 53 caliber
Secondary Guns 12 x 3.9 in 47 caliber, 8 x 37 mm guns
Armor Sides: 150 mm, Deck: 70 mm, Turrents: 150 mm
Aircraft 2
Draft 5.9 m
Weight 11,700 Tons
Horsepower 95,000 shp
Compliment 830
Class Fiume, Zara, Pola, Gorizia

Information Courtesy Janes/Collins Warships of World War II