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Unit Membership

Membership in the battaglione Alpini Sciatori « Monte Cervino » is open to all women and men interested in learning about the Alpini, the Italian military in general, and Italy’s role in the Second World War through the medium of Living History. Members must meet the requirements established by the WWII Historical Re-enacting Society, Inc. The only requirement for membership in the btg « Monte Cervino » group itself is a desire to learn about Italian soldiers, life in WWIII Italy and possessions, and have an enthusiasm to share that knowledge with others in the form of Living History displays and events.

If interested, please peruse these pages describing the history, uniforms, and equipment of the btg. « Monte Cervino » . These pages are a work in progress and will be added to and/or changed as new material is prepared or older material updated.

Those interesting in further exploring membership the btg. Monte Cervino Living History group should contact/e-mail us at or by posting in the reenacting section of the Comando Supremo forum.  If becoming a member is not for you, but you do wish to learn more about WWII Italy, then join the Comando Supremo forum and leverage it to further your knowledge.

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