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TZ-45 Sub-Machine Gun

TZ-45 Sub-Machine Gun

This is another wartime design produced in small numbers by a small company. No more than 6,000 were made during 1944-45.

In comparison with the FNAB-43, the TZ-45 is much more the sort of weapon one would expect in that place and at that time. It was cheaply made from metal stampings, welded together in parts, and the finish is rudimentary. For all that, it worked and managed to exhibit one or two interesting features. The action is simple blow back, but the return spring is assembled around a guide rod which is in two pieces and telescopes as the bolt returns. A muzzle compensator is fitted, and the shoulder stock is formed of steel rods that slide alongside the receiver when retracted. Two separate safety systems are fitted: the fire selector lever has a “safe” position that locks the bolt in either the forward or rearward positions, while a grip safety is fitted behind the magazine housing. Unless the weapon is held properly and this grip compressed, the bolt cannot move in either direction to cock or fire.

The entire issue of the TZ-45 appears to have gone to various units of the Italian Army operating against guerrilla forces in the mountains. It was offered to the British and American armies after the war and evaluated by them, but the general opinion of the weapon was unfavorable. It emerged from the war with a poor reputation for reliability and the style of the manufacture and finish was not liked. However, it did manage to get sold to the Burmese Army where it was later manufactured as the BA-52.


Caliber 9 mm
Barrel 6 grooves with right hand twist
Length 33.5 inches
Barrel Length 9 inches
Weight 7 Pounds 3 Ounces
Feed System 40 round detachable box magazine
Rate of Fire 550 Rounds Per Minute
System of Operation Blowback, selective fire

Article by: JDG

The Encyclopedia of Infantry Weapon of World War II