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Axis Forces in Tunisia (1943)

30th ARMY CORPS (General Vittorio Sogno)‘Superga’ Infantry Division (Gen. F. Gellich)

91st Infantry Regiment

92nd Infantry Regiment

5th Artillery Regiment

50th Special Brigade (Gen. G. Imperiali) [Former ‘Imperiali’ Div.]

6th Infantry Regiment

3rd Artillery Group

15th Tank Battallion

557th SP Gun Group

The corps served under the DAK/German V Army/Armeegruppe Afrika, as support it could muster the:

‘San Marco’ Marine Infantry Battallion

FIRST ARMY (Generale Giovanni Messe)

20th ARMY CORPS (Generale Taddeo Orlando)

136th Division ‘Giovani Fascisti’ (Gen. N. Sozzani)

8th Bersaglieri Regiment

136th Infantry Regiment

136th Artillery Regiment

‘Trieste’ Motorized Division (Gen. F. LaFerla)

65th Infantry Regiment

66th Infantry Regiment

21st Artillery Regiment

90 Leichtdivision (Gen. T. Graf von Sponeck)

155 Grenadier Regiment

200 Panzergrenadier Regiment

361 Panzergrenadier Regiment

190 Motorisierte Art. Regiment

21st ARMY CORPS (Generale Paolo Berardi)‘La Spezia’ Infantry Division (Gen. G. Pizzolato)

125th Infantry Regiment

126th Infantry Regiment

80th Artillery Regiment

‘Pistoia’ Infantry Division (Gen. G. Falugi)

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Regiment

3rd Artillery Regiment

164 Leichtdivision (Gen. K. von Liebenstein)

220 Grenadier Regiment

382 Grenadier Regiment

433 Panzergrenadier Regiment

Divisions under direct army control (no corps-lvl HQ)

‘Centauro’ Armoured Division (Gen. C. G. Calvi di Bergolo)

31st Tank Regiment

5th ‘Bersaglieri’ Rgt.

131st Artillery Regiment

132nd Anti-Tank Art.Rgt

‘Lodi’ Recce Battalion (AB41)

‘Saharian Grouping’ (Gen. A. Mannerini)

350th Infantry Regiment

290th Infantry Regiment

‘Novara’ Recce Battalion (AB41)


4 Infantry Battalions

7 Saharian Companies

Army-Level Support:

‘Monferrato’ Recce Battalion

‘Nizza Cavalleria’ Recon Battalion

25th Machine-Gun Battalion

171st Machine-Gun Battalion

7 Artillery Groups (Battalions)

Written by: Paolo Marcenaro


  1. Itay in Tunisia fought the hardest and to the last cause they where the only ones still puting up a fight to save the war.