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Trento Class Heavy Cruiser

The RM Heavy Cruiser Trento

Built in the 1920’s, these units were designed for a fast unit war, aiming and sacrificing all for speed. They suffered in critical areas such as armor and maneuverability. All Trento heavy cruisers were sunk between 1942 and 1943.


Length 196.96 m
Speed 35 knots
Beam 20.6m
Main Guns 8×203/50mm, 16×100/47mm
Secondary Guns 4×40/39mm, 4×12,7mm, 8 tls 533mm
Armor 70mm vertical 50mm horizontal
Draft 6.7 m
Weight 10,505 Tons
Horsepower 130,000 shp
Compliment 723

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario