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Spica Class Torpedo Boat

The Cassiopia in Heraklion Harbor, Crete, 1942

The Spica class Torpedo Boat resembled more like a 1930’s style Destroyer, rather than an actual Torpedo Boat. About 30 of these class of boats were completed between 1936-1938. The proved very efficient in the convoy battle of the Mediterranean, and were quite deadly against British submarines.

Explosive Motor Boats (EMB’s)

The Explosive Motor Boat on Attack

Explosive Motor Boats were the most famous of Italian assault crafts. These vessels, as well as the Torpedo Boats, were used extensively by the 10th Light Flotilla. They were found as far east as the Black Sea during World War Two.

Siluro a Lenta Corsa (Il Maiale)

Components of the S.L.C

The greatest success achieved by the Maiale was on December 19, 1941 when Lieutenants Luigi Durand de la Penne and Bianchi successfully navigated the Maiale’s into the harbor defenses of the port of Alexandria, Egypt and severely damaged two British Battleships (H.M.S Valiant and the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth).

Decima Flottiglia MAS

The Italian Frogman

The 10th Light Flotilla was responsible for 28 ships sunk or damaged in World War Two. These ships include the battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Valiant, cruiser HMS York and 111,527 tons of merchant shipping.