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Eugenio di Savoia Class Light Cruiser

The Eugenio di Savoia

Built in 1935, the “Aosta” class was finally the expected light cruiser model the RM needed. Strong and balanced, these ships had a good service in WWII. They survived the war, but the peace treaty removed them from Italian service.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Class Cruiser

Giuseppe Garibaldi

These ships had excellent history of service, which also saw an Atlantic cruise in 1944. The good quality of these ships is evident by its permanence in service, “Garibaldi” was decommissioned in 1976.

Trento Class Heavy Cruiser

The RM Heavy Cruiser Trento

Built in the 1920’s, these units were designed for a fast unit war, aiming and sacrificing all for speed. They suffered in critical areas such as armor and maneuverability.

Zara Class Heavy Cruiser

The RM Heavy Cruiser Zara

The Fiume, Pola, and Zara all took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan, where they confronted armament much bigger than the 8 inch shells they were designed to absorb.


smg. Squalo

One aspect of the Italian submarine that was commendable was their advanced Torpedo design. Prof. Carlos Calosi was the inventor of the magnetically activated torpedo, which could sink a ship merely by passing underneath its hull. That may be one of the reasons why Italian submarines had such a good attack/kill ratio.