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The Isbuscenskij charge

3rd Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria".  Photo credit. Instituto Luce

The Isbuscenskij charge was the last cavalry charge in history against regular troops, conducted by the 3rd Regiment Savoia Cavalleria.

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Letter from Mussolini to Hitler, August 25, 1939

If Germany attacks, and Poland’s allies open a counterattack against Germany, I want to let you know in advance that it would be better if I did not take the initiative in military activities in view of the present situation of Italian war preparations, which we have repeatedly previously explained to you, F├╝hrer, and to Herr von Ribbentrop.

Letter exchanged between Franco and Mussolini, August, 1940

The consequences, which the conquest of France is to have for the reorganization of the North African territories have made it advisable for me, now that the time has come, to charge my Ambassador in Rome with transmitting to Your Excellency the Spanish aspirations and claims traditionally maintained throughout our history in the foreign policy of Spain, today more alive than ever in our consciousness

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Letter from Adolf Hitler to Benito Mussolini on Operation Barbarossa

The situation in England itself is bad; the provision of food and raw materials is growing steadily more difficult. The martial spirit to make war, after all, lives only on hopes. These hopes are based solely on two assumptions: Russia and America.

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The Italo-German Alliance “Pact of Steel”

The German Reich Chancellor and His Majesty the King of Italy and Albania, Emperor of Ethiopia, consider that the time has come to confirm through a solemn pact the close relation of friendship and affinity which exists between National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy.