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Mario Arillo


Mario Arillo was assigned to the Ambra with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This submarine destined for Mediterranean War was smaller and more agile.

Carlo Fecia di Cossato

Fecia di Cossatoa

When Italy entered the war on 10 June 1940, Carlo Fecia di Cossato had the command of the submarine “Menotti” of the 34° Squadriglia of Messina

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Italian submarines and surface vessels in the far east: 1940-1945

Colonial Ship Eritrea, with Capt. Seculin, Simeoni, Lt. Gian Formaggio and Capt. Zampini

In the course of World War II, although with a very limited force, the Regia Marina Italiana was present in the remote waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. This presence, dating back to the Boxer Revolution of 1901, consisted of two gun boats located in Tiensin, the Lepanto and the Carlotto, along with some detachments of troops assigned to the defense of the small Italian commercial interests.

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