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Totensonntag – An Italian Account


THE SUNDAY OF THE DEAD – LA DOMENICA DEI MORTI (DER TOTENSONNTAG) By Mario Montanari – from his book Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale vol II Tobruk (p. 489-503) Translated and annotated by Jeffrey W.S. Leser ——————————————————– For The Lutheran Church, Sunday, November 23, 1941 was the « Sunday of the Dead » (Totensonntag), dedicated […]

Brigata Corazzata Speciale: An Organizational History

By Jeffrey W.S. Leser At the outbreak of the European war in September 1939, the Italian forces in Africa Settentrionale (A.S.) lacked major armored formations. The Italian Army had established three armored divisions the year before the war, but these were still equipped the small carri veloci (CV) type light tanks that had been found […]

Italian Divisional Organizations tipo Africa Settentrionale (A.S.)

In Libya, the Italian military forces were organized under the Comando Superiore Forze Armate Africa Settentrionale (A.S).

The Isbuscenskij charge

3rd Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria".  Photo credit. Instituto Luce

The Isbuscenskij charge was the last cavalry charge in history against regular troops, conducted by the 3rd Regiment Savoia Cavalleria.

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Flesh vs. Iron

Italian mortar action against American forces

Italian losses had been quite heavy, but that was only the beginning. For along another chain of low hills, 500 meters south of the just seized position, a more solid and better organized American defense line greeted the already worn out Italians with a withering fire. The worst was still to come.

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