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The Battle of Cape Matapan


Despite the name Battle of Cape Matapan, the actual fighting was not on Cape Matapan but out to sea in several locations.

The Leonardo da Vinci Submarine: Italian Terror of the Atlantic

The Leonardo da Vinci heads out to sea. Picture courtesy

The Leonardo da Vinci submarine was the most lethal Italian hunter of Allied shipping throughout World War Two.

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A Capua Sailor: Osvaldo Conti

Osvaldo Conti

Due to his serious injuries, he was no longer able to join his fellow soldiers advancing towards the adversary. He continued providing cover and firing rounds towards the adversary, never breaking away from his machine gun until he was mortally hit on the head.

Regia Marina, 10 June 1940

The order of battle of the Regia Marina on 10 June, 1940.


smg. Squalo

One aspect of the Italian submarine that was commendable was their advanced Torpedo design. Prof. Carlos Calosi was the inventor of the magnetically activated torpedo, which could sink a ship merely by passing underneath its hull. That may be one of the reasons why Italian submarines had such a good attack/kill ratio.