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Uniforms of the Monte Cervino


The battaglione Alpini sciatori Monte Cervino was equipped with a mixture of standard Italian Army uniforms and specialized items specifically for ski units.

Italian Infantry Squad Tactics

This file currently contains the translation of the Parte Seconda [Second Part] of volume II of the manual which covers the tactical training of the squad (Chapter II). The basic construct of the Italian Army’s tactical operation/schema is explained in Parte Prima of volume II and helps one understand the terms and ideas expressed in the translation.

Monte Cervino Reenactment Unit

Welcome to the website of the World War II Italian army reenactment unit battaglione Alpini sciatori «Monte Cervino» (Alpini ski battalion Monte Cervino) (Reenacted). The btg. «Monte Cervino» is dedicated to all Italian soldiers and officers that served in the Italian Armed forces during the war.

History of the Alpine Ski battalion ‘Monte Cervino’

Monte Cervino

Organized on 10 June 1940 from personnel assigned to the scuola alpina d’Aosta (Aosta Alpini School) as the battaglione alpini « Duca degli Abruzzi » ; assigned to the Alpini Corps under the 4° Army. Served in the Western Alps during the Italian offensive against France in June 1940.