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Military armistice signed at Fairfield Camp, Sicily, September 3, 1943

Italian military armistice signed at Fairfield Camp, Sicily, September 3, 1943. Immediate transfer of the Italian Fleet and Italian aircraft to such points as may be designated by the Allied Commander in Chief, with details of disarmament to be prescribed by him.

Armistice – Instrument of Surrender I

Instrument of surrender signed at Malta September 29, 1943; letter from Commander in Chief of Allied Forces to Head of Italian Government September 29, 1943

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Armistice – Instrument of Surrender II

The Allies intended to propose an Italian surrender in 2 parts, known as the Short Terms and Long Terms. Both parts had been prepared in advance by both a British and American Commission.

Employment and Disposition of Italian Fleet and Merchant Marine (Cunningham-de Courten Agreement); September 23, 1943

The armistice having been signed between the Head of the Italian Government and the Allied Commander -in-Chief under which all Italian warships and the Italian Mercantile Marine were placed unconditionally at the disposal of the United Nations.

Amendment to Instrument of Surrender

Benito Mussolini, his chief Fascist associates, and all persons suspected of having committed war crimes or analogous offenses whose names appear on lists to be communicated by the United Nations and who now or in the future are on territory controlled by the Allied Military Command or by the Italian Government, will forthwith be apprehended and surrendered into the hands of the United Nations.