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The Mediterranean War – Part 1 – Hitler’s Directive no. 18


Hitler’s Directive no. 18 was issued on November 12th 1940. It mainly concerned eventual future German participation in the support of the Italian operations in and around the Mediterranean. The Hitlerite directives were a mixture of general information, warning of eventual future actions and orders for planning and preparations. Several dozen directives were issued during […]

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Operazione C.3/Operation Hercules

Bombing destruction on Malta

Mid 1942 was the perfect opportunity to implement Operation Hercules. The threat of RN aircraft carriers was not that strong. The British did not have the luxury to send that many carriers into the Mediterranean, and the British did not want to risk sending such a large force, when at that time, the Axis had complete superiority in the skies near Malta.

Operation Pedestal

Italian motobomba on decent

Off of Cape Bon, in the middle of the night, Italian E-Boats launched their angry attack on the convoy. Their first victim was the cruiser Manchester, which was immobilized after a direct hit by 2 torpedoes. She had to be scuttled the next day. The Manchester was soon followed by the Almeria Lykes, the Glenorchy, Santa Elisa and the Wairangi.

Events of 1942

Italian calvary gearing for an attack in Soviet Union

A list of events that occurred in 1942 pertaining to Italy in World War Two.

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