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The Fall of British Somaliland

Italian forces invading British Somaliland

On 3rd August 1940, the Italian forces crossed the border in a trident formation, the left-hand column angled for Zeila, the central column for Hargeisa and the right-hand column for Odweina.

The Incredible Journey of the Caproni CA148 I-ETIO

Caproni CA.148 in Italian East Africa

On the eve of the fall of the Italian empire in east Africa a small trimotor Caproni Ca.148 tried the impossible: to reach Italy. But contrary to the most logical assumptions and with a good dose of courage and fortune, the mission was brought to a successful conclusion. It was an odyssey lasting three months.

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The Rise and Fall of Italian East Africa and the Battle of Keren


The first phase of the Keren battle is characterized by the stubborn and brilliant Italian resistance on the Dongolaas ravine, and on the surrounding peaks and valleys.

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