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Italian Invasion Of Greece 1940-41: Part One

The Julia Alpini Division on the march into battle.

The Italian invasion of Greece was made in such an unfathomably rushed and off-handed manner and based on little more than anger, greed, poor assumptions, and ignorance.

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June 1940, the Invasion of France

Italian soldiers in occupied France

The Italian invasion of France allows us to see how the Axis was actually very far from the propaganda’s representation of a “Pact of Steel.”

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The Fall of British Somaliland

Italian forces invading British Somaliland

On 3rd August 1940, the Italian forces crossed the border in a trident formation, the left-hand column angled for Zeila, the central column for Hargeisa and the right-hand column for Odweina.

Invasion of Albania (1939)

The Italian invasion force was built of ad hoc assembled units. It took the name of “Expeditionary Corps OMT” under command of General Guzzoni.

Invasion of British Somaliland (4 July, 1940)

Order of battle of the Italian invasion of British Somaliland (4 July, 1940)