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Italian Military of 1940: Facilitator or Victim of Mussolini’s Failed War Strategy?

Meeting Betwen Mussolini, Hitler, Ciano and Von Ribbentrop  Picture Courtesy of

The true question when searching to elucidate the performance of the Italian military, one that is scarcely discussed, is if it’s state of disorder was the cause or the effect of the nation’s ruination. In other words, did the uneven military performance cause the collapse of the nation, or was it merely the expression of a society and government that was already teetering on the precipice of implosion?

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Infantry Division Collar Patches

Torino Division

Divisional collar patches of the Regio Esercito

Reggiane RE.2002 Ariete II

Reggiane RE.2002 Ariete II

The Re.2002 was an agile and sturdy plane and was the best fighter and attack bomber in the Italian Air Force. The Luftwaffe liked the aircraft so much, they decided in 1943 to develop a version with the FW190 radial engine, but the plan was never carried out.


A Solothurn S18-1000 20mm

A selection of the best photographs on Italian military and political actions of World War Two.