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Aces of the Regia Aeronautica

Ace Ugo Drago

In Italy unlike most of the other warring nations, the idea of hero worship was frowned upon, unless of course it was directly related to the Fascist party and in that case you usually had to have been “Martyred” ( as in the case of the “brigata nere” -black brigades- names).

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Graziani vs. Rommel


Graziani and Rommel led two very different armies in the North Africa front, and in turn, the options they had were not the same. To base any comparison between the success of Erwin Rommel and the failure of Graziani’s Italian forces prior to the German involvement is simply flawed.

Littorio Class Battleship

The Littorio and Vittorio Veneto conducting gunnery exercises in 1940

During the Second World War, Italy had 5 Battleships. The Littorio (renamed Italia), Vittorio Veneto, Impero and Roma. These 41,400 ton Battleships boasted 15″ guns and a top speed of 31.4 knots.

Cannone da 75/18 Modello 37

Cannone da 75/18 Modello 37

The Italian firm of Ansaldo undertook to produce a new mountain howitzer design. By 1934 this had emerged as the Obice da 75/18 modello 34, a sound and thoroughly useful little howitzer that was intended for the mountain role and could thus be broken down into eight loads for transport.

Cannone da 90/53

Cannone da 90/53

Of all the anti-aircraft guns in service with Italy from 1941-1943, none was better than the Cannone da 90/53. It was an excellent weapon that could stand comparison with any of its contemporaries and it was a good, sound and modern design.