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Regio Esercito, Conflict Between Theories of Employment

The Italian armed forces were faced with a conflict between theories of employment. They had historically been structured for deployment in the mountainous terrain found in Italy and her immediate neighbors. These forces were forced to adapt themselves to a colonial role, and, even more conflicting, to the “War of Rapid Decision.”

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Cannone da 47/32 M35

Cannone da 47/32 M35

The gun could fire both armor piercing and high explosive projectiles, the latter having a range of 7,000 meters to provide the gun with a useful infantry support role. As the armor thickness of tanks increased, the Böhler increasingly assumed this infantry support role.

Cannone da 105/28

Cannone Da 105/28

The events of 1914 rammed home to the French that fact that the 75 was not capable of supplying all the artillery fire support required, and that heavier guns would be necessary. Thus the L 13 S was placed in higher priority bracket and large numbers began to roll off the Schneider production lines.

Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/65 Modello 35 (Breda)

Cannone-Mitragliera Da 20/65 Modello 35 (Breda)

The 20mm Breda was a very effective weapon and was much used by the Italian army. It had a rather complicated twin-wheeled carriage that could be towed into action behind a truck but that was light enough to be broken down into four pack loads for man or mule carria

OVP Sub-Machine Gun

OVP Sub-Machine Gun

An unusual feature of the OVP that was not on the original VP gun was the use of a cylindrical sleeve surrounding the receiver for cocking the weapon. This was grasped and pulled to the rear to retract the bolt and then pushed forward during firing.