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Italian Invasion Of Greece 1940-41: Part One

The Julia Alpini Division on the march into battle.

The Italian invasion of Greece was made in such an unfathomably rushed and off-handed manner and based on little more than anger, greed, poor assumptions, and ignorance.

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Italian Military of 1940: Facilitator or Victim of Mussolini’s Failed War Strategy?

Meeting Betwen Mussolini, Hitler, Ciano and Von Ribbentrop  Picture Courtesy of

The true question when searching to elucidate the performance of the Italian military, one that is scarcely discussed, is if it’s state of disorder was the cause or the effect of the nation’s ruination. In other words, did the uneven military performance cause the collapse of the nation, or was it merely the expression of a society and government that was already teetering on the precipice of implosion?

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Magliana, Monterotondo, and Porta San Paolo: The Bloody Battles in Defense of Rome

Marshal Badoglio. Picture courtesy of

The fiercest fighting that would occur between the Italian and German forces took place in the defense of Rome, particularly to the south.

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June 1940, the Invasion of France

Italian soldiers in occupied France

The Italian invasion of France allows us to see how the Axis was actually very far from the propaganda’s representation of a “Pact of Steel.”

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Letter from Hitler to Mussolini, August 25, 1939

The relation of Germany to Poland, not through the blame of the Reich, but as a result of the activity of England, has become considerably more unsatisfactory since spring and in the last few weeks the position has become simply unbearable. The reports about the persecution of the Germans in the border areas are not invented press reports but represent only a fraction of the terrible truth.