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Totensonntag – An Italian Account


THE SUNDAY OF THE DEAD – LA DOMENICA DEI MORTI (DER TOTENSONNTAG) By Mario Montanari – from his book Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale vol II Tobruk (p. 489-503) Translated and annotated by Jeffrey W.S. Leser ——————————————————– For The Lutheran Church, Sunday, November 23, 1941 was the « Sunday of the Dead » (Totensonntag), dedicated […]

Barbiano/Candorna Class Light Cruiser

Bartolomeo Colleoni

These two classes were practically identical and built within two years of each other in the 1930’s. They were unbalanced units with limited protection, with better belt armor but was still considered too “light” and full of defects.

Montecuccoli Class Light Cruiser

Raimondo Montecuccoli

The Montecuccoli gave a good service in the war. Attendolo was bombed in Napoli harbor by an American air strike and never repaired due to lack of time and resources.

Eugenio di Savoia Class Light Cruiser

The Eugenio di Savoia

Built in 1935, the “Aosta” class was finally the expected light cruiser model the RM needed. Strong and balanced, these ships had a good service in WWII. They survived the war, but the peace treaty removed them from Italian service.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Class Cruiser

Giuseppe Garibaldi

These ships had excellent history of service, which also saw an Atlantic cruise in 1944. The good quality of these ships is evident by its permanence in service, “Garibaldi” was decommissioned in 1976.