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Italy’s First Jet: Campini-Caproni CC.2

Campini-Caproni CC.2 by Martin.bergner

The Campini Caproni CC2 jet, also known as the Campini-Caproni N.1, was the first jet to come out of Italy.

The Incredible Journey of the Caproni CA148 I-ETIO

Caproni CA.148 in Italian East Africa

On the eve of the fall of the Italian empire in east Africa a small trimotor Caproni Ca.148 tried the impossible: to reach Italy. But contrary to the most logical assumptions and with a good dose of courage and fortune, the mission was brought to a successful conclusion. It was an odyssey lasting three months.

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Caproni Vizzola F.5

Caproni Vizzola F.5

The F.4 was to be powered by a 960 hp Isotta-Fraschini Asso 121 RC.40 Vee engine, but late in construction it was decided to replace that with a 1,175 hp Daimler Benz DB601A. This change delayed the F.4’s completion into 1940, but flight trials revealed the F.4 to possess good performance, excellent maneuverability and first class handling characteristics.

Caproni CA.113

Caproni CA.113

The prototype was powered by a 240 hp Walter Castor radial engine and drove a two-bladed propeller. Modest production followed with this engine before a switch was made to the more powerful Piaggio P.VII C.35 Stella radial engine for improved performance and aerobatic capability in the advanced flyer-training role. Some of these aircraft were impressed into service during WW2 as liaison aircraft.

Caproni CA.135

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The Italian Air Force felt that the Ca.135 was limited by its comparative lack of power. Caproni proposed a version with two 910 hp Hispano Suiza 12Y-31 engines, but the air force refused to consider a version with French engines as France and Italy were at loggerheads.