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Totensonntag – An Italian Account


THE SUNDAY OF THE DEAD – LA DOMENICA DEI MORTI (DER TOTENSONNTAG) By Mario Montanari – from his book Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale vol II Tobruk (p. 489-503) Translated and annotated by Jeffrey W.S. Leser ——————————————————– For The Lutheran Church, Sunday, November 23, 1941 was the « Sunday of the Dead » (Totensonntag), dedicated […]

The Incredible Story of Silvio Corbari

Banda Corbari

The story of Silvio Corbari is a tale of war, love, and betrayal, enriched by the sensational events which surrounded him during German occupation.

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Invasion of British Somaliland (4 July, 1940)

Order of battle of the Italian invasion of British Somaliland (4 July, 1940)

Battle of Keren (Feb-Mar, 1941)

The Italian order of battle for Keren between February and March, 1941.

Events of 1940

Italy's Duke of Aosta, towers over his troops made up of mostly African colonials.

Italy declares war on France and England. Mussolini saw France’s imminent surrender and decided to reap some of the spoils of France. In order to do this, he needed to absorb as much French land as possible. Mussolini had interest in obtaining Nice, Corsica, French Somaliland and Tunisia.

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