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Flesh vs. Iron

Italian mortar action against American forces

Italian losses had been quite heavy, but that was only the beginning. For along another chain of low hills, 500 meters south of the just seized position, a more solid and better organized American defense line greeted the already worn out Italians with a withering fire. The worst was still to come.

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Operation Pedestal

Italian motobomba on decent

Off of Cape Bon, in the middle of the night, Italian E-Boats launched their angry attack on the convoy. Their first victim was the cruiser Manchester, which was immobilized after a direct hit by 2 torpedoes. She had to be scuttled the next day. The Manchester was soon followed by the Almeria Lykes, the Glenorchy, Santa Elisa and the Wairangi.

First Battle of El Alamein

Bersaglieri in Action

The Italians were willing, unselfish and good comrades in the front line. There can be no disputing that the achievement of all the Italian units, especially the motorized elements, far outstripped any action of the Italian Army for 100 years. Many Italian generals and officers earned our respect as men as well as soldiers.

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Events of 1940

Italy's Duke of Aosta, towers over his troops made up of mostly African colonials.

Italy declares war on France and England. Mussolini saw France’s imminent surrender and decided to reap some of the spoils of France. In order to do this, he needed to absorb as much French land as possible. Mussolini had interest in obtaining Nice, Corsica, French Somaliland and Tunisia.

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