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Event Calendar – 2016

Event calendar of battaglione Alpini sciatori, Monte Cervino

Italian Army of 1940: Facilitator or Victim of Mussolini’s Failed War Strategy? Part Two

Mussolini reviewing troops

In the early 1920s the worldwide reputation of the Italian Army was in good standing, and it was considered as modern an army as there was.

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Book Preview: Sacrifice on the Steppe

Alpini on the Russian Don

Book review on Italian actions in World War Two titled Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign 1942-1943.

The Isbuscenskij charge

3rd Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria".  Photo credit. Instituto Luce

The Isbuscenskij charge was the last cavalry charge in history against regular troops, conducted by the 3rd Regiment Savoia Cavalleria.

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Guide to NARA Italian Microfilm Records Series T-821

These NARA files contain a wide variety of documents covering the Italian Armed Force from 1939-43.