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Totensonntag – An Italian Account


THE SUNDAY OF THE DEAD – LA DOMENICA DEI MORTI (DER TOTENSONNTAG) By Mario Montanari – from his book Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale vol II Tobruk (p. 489-503) Translated and annotated by Jeffrey W.S. Leser ——————————————————– For The Lutheran Church, Sunday, November 23, 1941 was the « Sunday of the Dead » (Totensonntag), dedicated […]

Italian Divisional Organizations tipo Africa Settentrionale (A.S.)

In Libya, the Italian military forces were organized under the Comando Superiore Forze Armate Africa Settentrionale (A.S).

Italian Folgore at El Alamein: Unbreakable

Folgore on patrol

The Folgore has often received praise and admiration for the bravery they displayed during the fighting at El Alamein.

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Carro M11/39

Carro M11/39

Originally designated the Fiat-Ansaldo 8 T, the M 11/39 was developed for infantry support in 1937 and mounted a 37 mm gun in a sponson and powered by a 125 HP Fiat SPA 8T V-8 engine with a maximum speed of 20 mph. The M11 armor was relatively thin and only designed to protect against 20mm fire.

Carro M13/40

Carro M13/40

This tank was first accepted for service in March, 1940, with a production rate of 22 per month. Although the M 13/40 was designated as a medium tank, it was more in step with a light tank.