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Italian Divisional Organizations tipo Africa Settentrionale (A.S.)

In Libya, the Italian military forces were organized under the Comando Superiore Forze Armate Africa Settentrionale (A.S).

Italy’s First Jet: Campini-Caproni CC.2

Campini-Caproni CC.2 by Martin.bergner

The Campini Caproni CC2 jet, also known as the Campini-Caproni N.1, was the first jet to come out of Italy.

Aces of the Regia Aeronautica

Ace Ugo Drago

In Italy unlike most of the other warring nations, the idea of hero worship was frowned upon, unless of course it was directly related to the Fascist party and in that case you usually had to have been “Martyred” ( as in the case of the “brigata nere” -black brigades- names).

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Operation Pedestal

Italian motobomba on decent

Off of Cape Bon, in the middle of the night, Italian E-Boats launched their angry attack on the convoy. Their first victim was the cruiser Manchester, which was immobilized after a direct hit by 2 torpedoes. She had to be scuttled the next day. The Manchester was soon followed by the Almeria Lykes, the Glenorchy, Santa Elisa and the Wairangi.

Graziani vs. Rommel


Graziani and Rommel led two very different armies in the North Africa front, and in turn, the options they had were not the same. To base any comparison between the success of Erwin Rommel and the failure of Graziani’s Italian forces prior to the German involvement is simply flawed.