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The Bologna Division: 19 November – 10 December, 1941

A Breda 20mm MG crew taking combat position under enemy fire. Photo Credit:

The Bologna Division had taken such losses in its attempt to contain the Tobruk garrison that a lesser commander might have called it quits.

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Invasion of Egypt (9 December, 1940)

Order of battle for the Italian invasion of Egypt on 9 December, 1940.

Events of 1941

Ten Nino De Totto attack patrol paratroopers (X° Reggimento Arditi Paracadutisti)

Considered the first real “armored clash” is spawned at Mechili (* see notes below). The Italian Special Armored Brigade destroys 15 British tanks and pursue the the British for an additional 20 kilometers before losing communication with the home base and turning back. They then destroy another 6 tanks from a British counterattack.

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