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Savoia Marchetti SM.82 Canguro

Savoia Marchetti SM.82 Canguro

First flown in 1938, the Canguru was a scaled up version of the SM.75 with a comparatively longer and deeper fuselage and had a fuselage of fabric-covered welded steel tube construction and flying surfaces that were of plywood covered wooden construction with the exception of the fabric covered metal control surfaces.

Production totaled about 400 aircraft and these were used mainly as transports during Italy’s participation in World War II. About 80 survived the Italian armistice in 9/43 with 50 surviving with the Italian Fascist side and 30 with the co-belligerent side. 30 remained in service after the war in the transport role powered by four 1,350 hp Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp radial engines.

Powerplant Three 950 hp Alfa Romeo 128 RC.21 radial engines
Speed 186 mph
Max Speed 230 mph
Range 1,864 miles
Ceiling 19,685 feet
Crew Pilot, co-pilot, radio operator/gunner, bombardier/navigator and 4 gunners
Users Italy, Germany
Armament One 12.7mm trainable machine gun in dorsal turret, one 7.7mm trainable machine gun in each of nose, ventral gondola and two beam positions, and up to 8.818 lbs of disposable stores

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