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Eugenio di Savoia Class Light Cruiser

The Eugenio di Savoia

Built in 1935, the “Aosta” class was finally the expected light cruiser model the RM needed. Strong and balanced, these ships had a good service in WWII. They survived the war, but the peace treaty removed them from Italian service.


Length 186.9 m
Speed 36.5 knots
Beam 17.5 m
Main Guns 8×152/53mm, 6×100/47mm
Secondary Guns 8×37/54mm, 12×13,2mm, 6 tls 533mm
Armor 70mm vertical/35mm horizontal
Draft 6.5 m
Weight 9,000 Tons
Compliment 578
Class Eugenio di Savoia, Emanuele Filiberto Duca d’Aosta

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario