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Propaganda Posters

A selection of propaganda posters during the Italian fascist period.


  1. Many thanks, I am just happy to know that these posters are actually in existence!

  2. Thomas,

    I bought most of them through ebay. Give it a shot.

  3. wonderful – thank you!

  4. Give me sometime I do have some books that could help.

  5. The copyright issue is ok, unless I get the image from a book, which is unfortunately the only place I have found them, so far.

    Would you know where the images on this site come from? Some of the posters I have seen elsewhere, but some appear only here.

  6. I think Jim is right and the best way to get what you want is throgh museum.

  7. Hi Thomas,

    I believe there is no copyright to worry about in regards to WWII Italian propaganda posters. At least that is what I heard on multiple occasions from a variety of sources. It was printed by the Fascist government for the public domain. Just my 2 cents. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  8. I am still working on the book, but the basic point will be that the culture surrounding fascism idealized a certain type of individual–clean, strong and selfless. Something like the “lavorare e combattere” image expresses it well. Even better would be something that shows how the new society shapes the individual-for example by joining the military.

    The other thing I would need (besides copyright clearance) would be a high resolution image – something that could go into a print publication. With other images, I have been able to find candidates online, and then contact the library or museum for a publication quality version.

  9. HI Coty21 if I my ask what do you need.

  10. As a professional historian, let me thank you for this wonderfully informative site!

    I have been looking for Italian propaganda posters for a book I am preparing to send to press, and I can confirm that such materials are indeed hard to find (the University of Wisconsin library has some in its special collections page).

    Would anyone know how I could find a higher resolution copy of some of these posters?