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A selection of orders for the Italian military.

The Supreme Order of Our Lady of the Annunciation: The members of this order, in one class only, are granted the title of cousin of the king and there can be no more than twenty members, excluding the king, his family and foreigners, usually sovereigns and chiefs of state.


Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus: Founded in 1434 and used up until 1946. Awarded in classes Knight, Officere, Commander 1st cl., Commander 2nd cl., Grand Officer and Grand Cross badge. The Order of the St. Maurice and St. Lazarus is made of real gold and sometimes it is found in silver/gilt.

Military Order of Savoy: Five classes ( Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight) rewarded for acts of bravery and exceptional services rendered by members of the Armed Forces. Established by King Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia 14.8.1815 . Renewed by King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia (later King Victor Emmanuel I of Italy) in 1855. Reorganized by the Italina Republic 9.1.1956 as the Order of Military Merit of Italy (Ordine del Merito Militario d’Italia)

Civil Order of Savoy: One class (Cavaliere) rewarding exceptional acts and services in public administration, in the literary field, arts and public education.

The Order of the Crown of Italy: This order was founded in 1868 by King Emmanuel and was used up until just after World War II in 1946.  This order was awarded in 5 classes: Knight, Officer, Commander, Grand Officer and Grand Cross.

Order for Merit of Work: Rewards managerial achievements in the field of agriculture, industry and commerce and its members, in one class only, are known as Knights of Work.

Star for Merit of Work (1st Type):  Awarded to lower contractors and workmen who became Masters of Work.

Star for Merit of Work (2nd Type): Established 25 January 1925.  Awarded to lower contractors and workmen who became Masters of Work.  Reverse stating “Merito del Lavoro All ‘Estero (2 versions), instituted 4 September 1927, was for Italian residents in foreign countries.  Reverse stating “Alla Memoria” denotes 1965 Italian Republic version.

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