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M.A.B. Moschetto Automatico Beretta MOD. 38A

M.A.B. Moschetto Automatico Beretta MOD. 38A

This weapon was designed after the Villar Perosa. It was a semiautomatic or automatic weapon, and it had 2 different triggers for selecting the fire. Barrel was fixed and the bolt was recoiled by gases. They could use different loaders: 10, 20 or 40 magazines, and these could be loaded by hand or by specific tools. The first 500 MAB38 had also a bayonet.

The Moschetto Automatico was manufactured in the Beretta factory located at Gardone Valtrompia, Brescia. The muzzle velocity was 420 m/s, the weight was 5 Kg when loaded and fired the same ammo as the Beretta 34 pistol. It was a prized possession among Allied Forces and German special troops. Until 1943, it was only available to parachute units, Carabinieri and Polizia Africa Italiana. It became more widespread in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Salò, partisans and Italian units fighting under Allied command. Its later version, called MAB 38/42 was lighter, shorter and had a higher rate of fire. It served well into the 1970’s with Carabinieri and Police.

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Differently from the MP40, the Beretta’s bolt was to be kept back, with the safe inserted, because a thrust on the stock could cause its partial recoil for inertia, after which the bolt ran forward, chambered a round and firing it.

Article By: Riccardo Iacobini


Year 1938
Caliber 8.8 mm
Total Length 947 mm
Barrel Length 300 mm
Weight 5 kg
Max Rate of Fire 500 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 100 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 1000 Meters
Effective Range 150 Meters


  1. The MAB MOD. 38A do not use the same ammo as the Beretta mod. 1934.
    The Moschetto Automatico used a 9X19 mm. known in the world as 9mm parabellum with a special heavy load.
    The Beretta mod. 1934 use the 380 ACP cartyridge which is much less powerful.
    It is possible to use the ammunition of the Beretta Moschetto in the Walther P38 or in the Beretta 92 but it is not a sound work as the quantity of gunpower is more.
    Andrea Cantero