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Montecuccoli Class Light Cruiser

Raimondo Montecuccoli

In the first 1930’s, the defects of Condottieri forced the Italian Navy to rework the class. The new class Montecuccoli was bigger and better protected, giving a more stable structure. The Montecuccoli gave a good service in the war. Attendolo was bombed in Napoli harbor by an American air strike and never repaired due to lack of time and resources.


Length 182.2 m
Speed 37 knots
Beam 16.6 m
Armament 8×152/53mm, 6×100/47mm, 8×37/54mm, 8×13,2mm,4 tls 533mm
Draft 6.0 m
Weight 7,524 Tons
Compliment 578
Class Raimoindo Montecuccoli, Muzio Attendolo

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario