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Monte Cervino Reenactment Unit

Welcome to the website of the World War II Italian army reenactment unit battaglione Alpini sciatori «Monte Cervino» (Alpini ski battalion Monte Cervino) (Reenacted). The btg. «Monte Cervino» is dedicated to all Italian soldiers and officers that served in the Italian Armed forces during the war.

The btg. «Monte Cervino» is organized and chartered as a member of the WWII Historical Re-Enactment Society, Inc. (HRS website Since 1975, the WW-II HRS has brought history to life as an educational hobby and has provided its members and the public with an authentic, safe time machine to that period, using authentic uniforms, gear, and vehicles. The membership is comprised of historians, teachers, students, military collectors, veterans, and others interested in the Second World War. Members provide displays and battle simulations for the public, tactical simulations for members, school presentations, veteran reunions, air show displays, parade participation, and other community events when called upon.

Our Mission

The mission of the members of the battaglione Alpini sciatori «Monte Cervino» (Reenacted) is to preserve the military history of the Regio Esercito (Royal Army) and the Repubblica Sociale Italiana (Socialist Republic of Italy), and to educate members and the public about the men and women that served and the units that fought during the Second World War. This mission shall be accomplished by participation in living history displays; parades and ceremonies; battle reenactments; and the collection and preservation of memorabilia from that ear. We encourage members to create secondary impression of other Italian military units to better educate the public of the wide range Italian military involvement in the Second World War.

Disclaimer: What we are Not

The battaglione Alpini sciatori «Monte Cervino» (Reenacted) and the WWII Historical Re-Enactment Society, Inc., does not endorse, support, or teach any political ideology related to Fascism or National Socialism. While we address the impact of such ideologies on the men and women that served the Italian state as part of our educational mission, we actively discourage any members from believing that these political beliefs have any merit in a free society as enjoyed by the people of the United States of America. Individuals interested in supporting these political systems should look elsewhere to exercise their free speech.

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