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Merit and Other Awards

A selection of merit and other Italian awards.

The Medal for the Mothers or Widows of the Fallen. Instituted 24 May 1919.

Two versions “G.Prini – Sacchini”, “G.Prini – S. Johnson”.

3 other variations were produced by the Italian Republic, 1956.

A bronze medal given to the mother or widow of the fallen.

The obverse has an allegorical design showing a woman offering a laurel wreath to a dying soldier while another woman stands in the background.

On the reverse “The son which was born out of you in pain, is reborn to you, o blessed one, full of glory and he lives as a hero. With gratitude”.

Prolific Mothers had their own award with a ribbon device for each child. Instituted 22 May 1939.

Two versions. One with mount pictured here, the second with a ball mount, and different ribbon devices.

Resource material on Italian Medals & Decorations is scarce, unlike its more famous Axis partner, Germany. This is our attempt to create the definitive on-line guide on the topic.

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All information courtesy of these two great sites:

Hendrik Meersschaert for contributing material and information.
Antiques and Militaria
Italian Regalia 1922-1945

Also see: Ribbons of Orders, Decorations, and Medals; Guido Rosignolil; Arco Publishing 1977 ISBN 0-668-04104-8