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Littorio Class Battleship

The Littorio and Vittorio Veneto conducting gunnery exercises in 1940

During the Second World War, Italy had 5 Battleships. The Littorio (renamed Italia), Vittorio Veneto, Impero and Roma. These 41,400 ton Battleships boasted 15″ guns and a top speed of 31.4 knots. Although these ships were heavily armed, they lacked radar and good armor protection. Littorio class battleships had radar installed by 1942 and it was called the Gufo system. “Gufo” meaning owl in Italian. Only one Battleship was lost in the war, the Roma, which was sunk by a German guided missile called the 1400 FX on September 8, 1943 after the Italian surrender to the Allies. The missile was launched by a bomber and controlled by a bombardier. It struck an ammunition’s magazine which exploded. The ship sank in just under 21 minutes taking the Italian Naval Commander in Chief down with her.


Length 232.4 m
Speed 31.4 knots
Beam 32.9m
Main Guns 9 x 15″ in 3 triple turrents
Secondary Guns 12 x 6″ in 4 triple turrents
Aircraft 3 with 1 catapult
Draft 10.5m
Weight 41,400 Tons
Range 4,580 NM at 16 knots
Horsepower 130,000 shp
Compliment 1,872 – 1,960
Shaft 4

Specifications credit: Collins/Janes Warships of World War II.


  1. Floyd C Shipley says:

    Hey who was the Commander of the Littorio.You should say that.Putting it in a Panzer 2 Campaign I am making.I’m off to look for it now.