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Central State Archive of Italy (Archivo Centrale dello Stato) Excellent resource for photographs of battles and personalities during the war.


Italian World War Two Related

Nino’s Page: An Italian Pilot in WWII
The Invasion of British Somaliland
Le Uniformi della R.S.I.
Regio Esercito
Battlefield tours to Monte Cassino and Anzio in Italy


World War Two Related Sites

Polish website on the history of World War Two
World War Two Pictures
Panzers of the Reich
Tanks of World War Two
The Dutch Helmet
The World at War. History of WW 1939-1945
Axis History Fact Book
World War II Recreation Association, 45th Infantry Division
World War-2.Net
Achtung Panzer!
Axis Biographical Research
Axis Military and Foreign Volunteer Legion Awards and Postal History
Italy and the Pacific: The Forgotten Campaign
Photo Gallery of WWII
World War II Plus 55
Through Their Eyes
WWII Connection
Mei 1940
WWII’s Kilroy Was Here. Unknown stories and forgotten places.


Militaria Sites

Hessen Antique: Original and reproduction militaria
WW2 Militaria Collection
Soviet Power
Military Bases


Other Sites of Interest

Historic Mysteries: My other project on historical mysteries
Tobacco Solutions: Great reviews on electronic cigarettes that are safer than traditional cigarettes.
Model Hobby
Dog Tags Online

Guardascione My uncle’s website showcasing his paintings. I highly recommend his artwork.


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  1. Paul Baker says:

    The History Society Gibraltar are looking into getting a plaque to commemmorate the submariners both British and Italian that took part in the underwarter activities in Gibraltar. I am unable to find a contact in Italy to start the ball rolling.
    I can remember the Olterra anchored some 100 meters away from the Shell tanker I was working on in the Bay in the 1950’s.