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Italian Military Map Symbols

Attached is a scan of the “Manuale per l’ufficiale freguentatore dell’ I.S. di G.”, Fascicolo IV servizio di stato maggiore “Segni convenzionali ed abbreviazioni” (Conventional signs and Abbreviations) 1935.

This manual explains and illustrates the Italian military map symbols used during World War Two. I have not translated any parts of this manual, but most readers should be able to understand the symbols and what they mean. I didn’t scan any blank pages, so a few pages are missing.

If any have questions on Italian military map symbols, post the questions in the Comando Supremo forum and I and others will be able to answer/assist.


  1. Ike F. Sanglay says:

    Joining with Adolf Hitler, because Mussolini asked for six million tons of coal, two million tons of timber, as well as 17,000 military vehicles and 150 anti-aircraft batteries.