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Italian Infantry Squad Tactics

Provided in the link below is a .pdf file of a translation of the Addestramento della fanteria volume II, impiego e addestramento tattico [Training of the Infantry volume II, Tactical Employment and Training] dated 1940. This .pdf is provided for use by reenacting groups and researchers. This file can be printed for private use by individuals and reenacting groups, but any use for publication, posting on the internet, or for profit must be approved by the author.

       Copyright 2010 by Jeffrey W.S. Leser

      This file continues the translation of the Addestramento della fanteria, the first translation being the translation of the squad dismount drill. This manual was written to be used in conjunction with an experienced instructor explaining and demonstrating the various parts of the tactical training. Therefore I have added some words designed to clarify selected passages that seem difficult to follow without careful reading. These additions are contained inside [ ]. The diagrams are from the original. Bold and/or italicized words and paragraphs are from the original and are not modifications by the translator. The style of the writing was maintained in part, but was modernized in several places when a significant improved in comprehension could be achieved.

    This file currently contains the translation of the Parte Seconda [Second Part] of volume II of the manual which covers the tactical training of the squad (Chapter II). The basic construct of the Italian Army’s tactical operation/schema is explained in Parte Prima of volume II and helps one understand the terms and ideas expressed in the translation. I will add selected paragraphs from Parte Prima to provide these understanding to the readers of this translation.

      This translation has been formatted as much as possible to maintain the style and look of the original. It is formatted as a double page, allowing users to print out a copy, fold it in half and staple, creating a booklet. The .pdf is not paginated to support this, so an individual wishing to do so would need to reassemble the leaves in the correct order for printing.

        Comments and/or corrects are most welcome. Any errors are my own. You can discuss the translation on the forum or PM/e-mail me.

          Squad Infantry Tactics