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Amedeo Guillet

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On 20 June 2000, an important and magnificent ceremony was held in the house of Commons of Capua. The object of the ceremony was to award the honorary citizenship to Ambassador Amedeo Guillet. For the occasion, the highest civil, political and military authorities of the province were invited, along with various representatives of diplomatic centers of Italy and other foreign countries, television and journalists. This event was welcomed by the 91 year old host, who in his participation had said “to appreciate and longed for this citizenship”. For the city, these words meant great virtue, in fact, Ambassador Amedeo Guillet is decorated with the maximum military and civil honors.

At the time of the ceremony, his chest was pinned with 5 Silver Medals, 1 of Bronze to the Military Worth, 5 Crosses of War, Cavalier of the Military Order of Savoia, Cavalier of the Great Cross of the Order to the Merit of the Italian Republic, Grand Official of the Order of the Nile of the Arabic Republic of Egypt, Cavalier of Great Cross of the Order of Saint Gregorio Magno of the Santa Sede, Cavalier of Great Cross of the Order to the Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Cavalier of Great Cross of the Order to the Merit of Kaukab of the Hashemita Reign of Jordan, Cavalier of Great Cross of the Order to the Merit of the Alaouita Reign of Morocco.

These titles are only some of the more important acknowledgments of one of the more eclectic and glorious men that the history of a nation like Italy can boast. Many pages have been written, but never enough on the long and adventurous life of Amedeo Guillet, who is also the Baron, Gen. of Cavalry, with two degrees. Numerous articles were written by his brotherly friends, Indro Montanelli and Sergio Romano, who published part of his authorized biography a few years ago which was edited by Victor Dan Segre. It had reached the eleventh reprint and a new one is already in process.

Amedeo Guillett gained part of his notoriety, compounded by his privacy, when the British vainly fought him in Italian East Africa (AOI).

It is opportune to remember who Amedeo Guillet is, but also to know that the things said from now on are only a chronological synthesis of the life of a man with values and ideals that have the taste of something noble and chivalrous. What will be narrated could viewed as a tale from other times. We can assure you that it is all absolutely true, it is documented and excludes any rhetorical tones.

Even today, the truth can be seen in the eyes and the words of Ambassador Guillet, veiled from a serenity and an immense culture, the same firmness of mind, forces and unrestrainable will which encompassed him as the unseizable “Devil Commander”.

Around 1860, Cav. Giuseppe Guillet (1835-1914) left S.Pierre d’ Albigny where he was born, and followed his king, Vittorio Emanuele II, in the conquest of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. At Capua, a very important fort, he found the ideal atmosphere and married Maria Domenica Paggiarino (1848-1924), kin to a rich capuana family. Cav. Giuseppe Guillet, a nobleman of the Army and civic virtues, had three sons, Alfredo (1872-1950), Amedeo (1874-1939) and Ernesto (1876-1961). All three undertook military careers, rising to the highest and much sought after assignments. Although they traveled all of Italy, they were always tied to Capua, where by their own choice, lay rest in the local cemetary beside their parents. Of these three, Amedeo, became a senator of the Reign in area near his hometown of Capua during the 30’s (as senator, a not elective assignment was also held of extreme prestige). The other brother, Alfredo, Col. of the CC.RR. and one of the heroes of the Podgora, married Franca Gandolfo, sister of Engineer Rodolfo to whom Capua is always grateful.

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  1. Onore al Comandante Diavolo. Autore, non testimone.

  2. Today, the Comandante Diavolo has passed away. Rest in peace.