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Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani

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Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani

Another dispute episode between the Social Republic hierarchies was the Decima Mas question. The Decima Mas was guided with success and discipline by Borghese, who on 1943 achieved an agreement with the Germans, which conceded him a strong operational autonomy. Graziani tried to make Borghese reenter under the MNR forces, or remove some infantry and specialist battalions from Borghese’s command with the objective of increasing the prestige of the Italian National Republic (RSI) in relation with the Germans, and this way gain further concessions.

During the summer 1944 at the command of the Ligurian Army, Rodolfo Graziani collaborated on the plans of the winter tempest operations in the Tuscany front. At the end of the operations he achieved a slight advantage of the Axis defense forces positions, but nothing more.

After the failure of the negations with the Committee of National Liberation (CNL) on the 25th of April in the Archdiocese of Milano, Graziani followed Mussolini to Como, but not on Mussolini’s tragic trip to Dongo. Rodolfo Graziani was ultimately arrested.

Found guilty in 1948, Rodolfo Graziani was sentenced to 19 years in prison for collaboration with the Germans. However on 1950 he was released.

He returned to active political life with the Movimento Sociale Italiano,. He became honorary president and produced a book: “Ho Difeso la Patria”. In 1955 he died in Rome.

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  1. Giuseppe Crispi says:

    I also think Graziani was a good general. There is some debate that he could have had success in Egypt if he had not hesitated and there is some evidence for that but I tend to come down on the side that he was simply too greatly outmatched in tanks and transport. He also did alot of the ‘heavy lifting’ in the Abyssinia conquest but did not get much recognition for that.

  2. Interesting. If my educated guesses are correct, Graziani is descended from the Jewish family of Graziani, which is a branch of the Shaltiel family (which claim descent from Shealtiel, a Biblical character and a descendant of King David), among whose members is General David Shaltiel, a Holocaust Survivor,? and a leader of the Israeli military organization: the Haganah.

    I am actually a fifth cousin (however many times removed) to David Shaltiel and therefore might be related to Signore Graziani.

  3. He was a military man who fell under the influence of Il Duce. During WW2 he worked with sub standard equipment and motivation. He did the best he could!

  4. Miss Jetti says:

    Graziani was made Viceroy of Italian East Africa and Governor-General of Shewa/Addis Ababa. Graziani survived an assassination attempt on February 19, 1937. A bloody and indiscriminate repression followed. He became known as “the Butcher of Ethiopia”. Also in connection with the attempt on his life, Graziani authorized the massacre of the monks of the ancient monastery of Debre Libanos and the large number of pilgrims who had traveled there to celebrate the feast day of the founding saint of the monastery.

  5. Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani is a great man if only Mussolini had more poeple like him the war would have ended batter for Italy. Rodolfo is a hero to all.