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Italian Forces in Gazala (26 May, 1942)

X Army Corps
General Benvenuto Gioda

Infantry Division ‘Brescia’

Gen. G. Lombardi

19th Inf. Rgt.

20th Inf. Rgt.

1th Rgt. Fast Artillery

Infantry Division ‘Pavia’

Gen. A. Torriani

27th Inf. Rgt.

28th Inf. Rgt.

26th Art. Rgt.

Army Corps’ level supports were 9th ‘Bersaglieri’ Rgt, 16th Art. Group, 10th Eng. Bat. 31st Assault Eng. Bat.

XX Army Corps

General Ettore Baldassarre

Motorised Div. ‘Trieste’

Gen. A. Azzi

65th Inf. Rgt. 21th Art. Rgt.

11th Tank Bat. (M13/40)

7th bersaglieri Bat.

52nd Bat. Mot. Eng.

132nd Armored Division ‘Ariete’

General G. DeStefanis

132nd Tank Rgt. (two battalions)

8th bersaglieri Rgt.

132nd Mot. Art. Rgt.

(inclided two assault guns groups

[totalling 20 75/18s],

10 towed 90/53 guns,

and 8 towed German-made 88s]

[Army Corp’s level supports consisted of the 8th Art. Rgt. and 34th Eng. Special Bat.]

XXI Army Corps
General Enea Navarini

Infantry Division ‘Trento’

Gen. C. Gotti

61st Inf. Rgt.

62nd Inf. Rgt.

46th Art. Rgt.

Infantry Division ‘Sabratha’

Gen. M. Soldarelli

85th Inf. Rgt.

86th Inf. Rgt.

3rd fast Art. Rgt.

15th ‘Schutzen Brigade’

Col. E. Menny

200th Sch. Rgt

361st Sch. Rgt.

528th Art. Grp.

535th Art. Grp.

612th PzJg. Grp.

Army Corps’ supports were the 7th Bersaglieri Rgt. the 2nd Eng. Bat. and the 33rd assault Eng. Bat.

Special thanks to Paolo Marcenaro for OOB.

OOB produced from information gathered by Paul Carell’s ‘The Desert Foxes’ and by ‘Soldati e Battaglie della Seconda Guerra Mondiale’ a series of fascicles published in Italy by the ‘Hobby and Work editrice’.