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Giuseppe Garibaldi Class Cruiser

Giuseppe Garibaldi

The final evolution of the Italian Condottieri light cruiser design. The “Garibaldi” sacrificed high speed in favor of good protection and improved firepower (the two 152mm extra cannons were distributed between 2 three-gun towers and two 2-gun ones). These ships had excellent history of service, which also saw an Atlantic cruise in 1944. The good quality of these ships is evident by its permanence in service, “Garibaldi” was decommissioned in 1976.


Length 187 m
Speed 33 knots
Beam 18.9 m
Main Guns 10×152/53mm, 8×100/47mm
Secondary Guns 8×37/54mm, 8×13,2mm, 6 tls 533mm
Armor 130mm vertical /40mm horizontal
Draft 6.8 m
Weight 9,592 Tons
Compliment 578
Class Giuseppe Garibaldi, Luigi di Savoia, Duca degli Abruzzi

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario