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  1. S.81 Cargo Capacity

    23 April 2017 - 07:44 PM

    Tra continuità e incertezza: Italia e Albania (1914-1939) : la strategia ... page 278 makes references to tests made in Libya about use of S.81 bomber in transport function:

    - 22-25 troops with rifles and machine guns(probably fucile mitragliatori)

    - 65/17 gun in 5 parts with 10 crew and 8 ammo boxes or

    1 motorcycle w/machine gun and 15 troops

    Range is stated as 500km.
  2. Gaf Settore In Albania Map?

    23 April 2017 - 06:36 PM

    It seems GAF settore only covered from San Giovanni di Medua to Pescopia so the northern part, it seems nothing was there to protect central eastern Albania from Ohrid/Debar area . Is this true?
  3. Artieri Companies And Battalions?

    22 April 2017 - 12:31 AM

    An artieri company is said to have 4 platoons artieri each with 2 squadra artieri - so 8 squadra per company, while battalions are said to have 2-4 companies.
    Now my question is how many men had a squadra artieri? or if that info is not available extrapolate for how many men had the platoon, company or battalion?
  4. Regia Aeronautica Operations 11 June 1940

    19 April 2017 - 09:27 PM

    I am looking for all operations for this day. From patrols to bombing to recon...

    So far i compiled these:

    Against French targets:

    From Giancarlo Garello Regia Aeronautica e Armee de l'air 1940-1943

    From 1 Squadra(North Italy)
    8 Sqd(7 Stormo) Fiat Br.20 recons Toulon (fails due to weather) , afternoon a Br.20 from 43 Stormo completes the mission.

    From 3 Squadra(Central Italy)
    11 Sqd 1 S.79 recons Bastia

    From Sardegna
    197 Sqd 2 Cant Z.506 recons Corse - probably Ajaccio -
    197 Sqd 2 Cant Z.506 recons Alger
    196 Sqd 2 Cant Z.506 recons Oran
    "288 Sqd 2 S.79" recons Biserte, Karouba, Sidi Ahmed airport - 288sqd was in Brindisi and was not with S.79 - probably the unit was the 228 in Decimomanu or 198 in Elmas - since the next day atack was done by 32 stormo it is probably the 228 since it belonged to that stormo.
    188 Sqd - 2 Cant Z.501 naval/asw search in direction Capo Bergut-La Galite

    From Libya - Tripolitania:
    15 Stormo - 3 S.79 recon Sfax, Ben Gardane and several forts
    64 Gruppo OA - 1 Ro.37 recons Ben Gardane and the border

    From Sicilia:
    "Inferno su Malta", di Nicola Malizia (1976)

    10 S.79 of 34 Stormo(72 bombe da 100 kg (su Hal Far), 15 S.79 of 11 Stormo (15 bombe da 250 kg e 120 da 50 kg (arsenale militare di Brumola)-escorted by 9 MC200 88Sqd-, 10 S.79 41 of Stormo(15 bombe da 250 kg e 40 da 100 (su Kalafrana)) bomb Malta in the morning.

    Fighter sweep of 9 MC200 of 79sqd in Malta

    CAP of 3 MC 200 81 sqd in the track Catania-Comiso-Gela-Siracusa followed by another 3 later.

    Afternoon again 8 S.79 of 34 Stormo, 15 S.79 of 11 Stormo(escorted bu 9 MC200 88Sqd), 10 S.79 41 of Stormo bomb Malta in the morning.Same targets as in the morning.
    CAP of 2 MC200 of 81sqd in southern eastern sicilian coast.

    30 min latter of the first wave bombers at 18h30m 5 S.79 of 36 Stormo bomb Malta harbour.


    On 11 June, the Regia Aeronautica in Tobruk was in alarm readiness from 00:00 and a standing patrol of three Fiat CR.32s of the 8º Gruppo was maintained over the Tobruk T2 airfield and Tobruk harbour.

    For day missions dependent on British attacks: http://surfcity.kund...aly_cardano.htm

    Anyone can add more missions for this day?
  5. How Many Gaf Artillery Raggr. To Coastal?

    12 April 2017 - 04:22 PM

    For example 14°Raggruppamento artiglieria GaF went to be the 14°Raggruppamento artiglieria Costiera in Naples. Any others? without fighting on the borders - except Yugoslavia and Albania in 1941 - i guess most GAF artillery raggr. were disbanded or converted to Coastal, is this true?


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