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January 1, 1970
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Economics, History, Politics, Military History

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  1. The 75/27 Mod. 06 And The 75/27 Mod.11 The Range Mistery

    27 October 2014 - 07:47 PM

    i've ever find the same range quoted for both the 75/27 06 and the 75/27 11, they had same shell but they had a small difference in barrel lenght but more important a large difference in elevation so as they can have the same range?
  2. Italian Haa Gun June 1940

    30 July 2014 - 12:59 AM

    There were 3 organization that had (or used) HAA gun in the italian armed forces in june 1940, they were the MACA, the RM/MILMART and the RE.
    For the Ramius pages the MACA had 175 btryes (maybe plus a few in Libya, but for La Regia Aereonautica 1939-43 were 234), the RM/MILMART had 250 btryes (239 for La Regia Aereonautica...) , the RE 5 rgts and 3 autonomous btls (this from La Regia Aereonatica 1939-43).
    The guns were: (quantity from ramius page, milmart guns number temptative with data from La Marina militare italiana nella seconda guerra mondiale)
    66/47 only with milmart 3 btryes 14 or 18 pieces
    75/27 166 pieces with the RE and 94 with the maca
    75/46 92 pieces all with the RE
    76/40 492 pieces with the maca and 188 btryes with milmart
    76/45 232 pieces all with the maca
    77/28 90 pieces all with the maca
    90/42 15 btryes all with milmart with only 32 pieces??
    100/47 1 btry with milmart in Taranto (maybe)
    102/35 43 btryes with milmart with 196 pieces ?

    Add or corrections?


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