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  1. 3.o Squadrone Automitragliatrici-Tripolitania

    30 June 2015 - 09:12 AM

    Hi Dili
    The topic it's an other "italian 1940 mistery" twenty years of research i find little traces of this units....but......At the start of the war where in AS only one colonial "armoured car" squadron : the Squadrone autoblindo Savari della Cirenaica. The unit was raised from Deposito della Cavalleria della Cirenaica in late 1933....but never employed after 1939. It originally have Vickers Terni armoured cars but all the machines are out in late 1939..obsolete machines that never fought during any actions of ww2. The 3.o Squadrone automitragliatrici (or 3.a compagnia automitragliatrici della Tripolitania) was raised in 1938 but the word "automitragliatrici" in italian ww2 military speaking dont means "armoured cars" but only "armoured trucks car". So the unit have in 1940 five to seven trucks with armoured protections and some Safat MG. Also it never employed in ww2 actions.
    Hope it help
  2. 12 Reggimento-Raggruppamento Gaf

    10 September 2014 - 12:08 PM

    I start a new topic like want Dili......David the only Raggruppamento Hq went to AS was the 7th.....but time to time many Groups , batteries and also only pieces of GAF artillery went in AS...the web page that Dili
    have post its a note of a old GAF recruit that make the war in AS...and so its very very difficoult have good news from a not primary report.....I think that the GAf soldier was a member of 57.o Gruppo Gaf that was raised
    from 12.o reggimento GAF and never employed in 1940 war with FRance or 1941 campaign in Jugoslavia.....some batteries and the Hq Group were sent in AS for replacement and then dissolved there...for replace GAF units or even
    destroyed there (like described from the report) before begin to fight........
    ALl the best


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