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  1. Italian Obs In Greece

    09 October 2015 - 03:11 PM

    View PostJeff Leser, on 02 October 2015 - 07:41 PM, said:

    I have posted an OOB for the Hellenic Army under OBs on the main page. If you have any new information to share and and/or spot some errors, please post yoiur comments here. As always, please provide a cite for your information.

    I am working on similar document for the Italian Army as well as OBs for April 1941.

    Pista! Jeff

    Jeff this is the OOB of Italian Army at 20/4/1941

    High Command Armed Forces Albania
    --1.o Grouping Genius with:
    --- 26.o battalion artisans
    --- 1.o battalion Radio Officers
    --- 5th Battalion telegrapher
    --- 18th battalion sappers
    --- 30.o battalion sappers
    --- 3.o group workers
    --4.o Grouping genius with:
    --- 9.o battalion miners
    --- 4.o battalion telegrapher
    --- 16.o battalion sappers
    --- 5th Battalion teleferisti
    --- 7.o and 16.o group workers
    Territorial Defence
    --1.o e 2.o battalion-aircraft gunners (Albanian)
    --5.o Group contraereo 75/27 CK
    --14.o Group contraereo 75/27 CK
    --46.a Aircraft battery 20mm
    --47.a Aircraft battery 20mm
    --58.o Regiment Territoriale Mobile
    --15.o And 16.o battalion presidiario
    --13.o Artillery Regiment GAF (part)
    --- 213.a, 214.a, 250.a battery (75 / 27.06)
    -Hq troops:
    --56.a Infantry Division "Casale"
    -9.a Army
    --19.o Group antiaircraft 75/46
    --8.o Grouping Artillery Corps with:
    --- 8.o Department Specialists Artillery
    --- 13.o Group 105/28
    --- 110.o Group 149/13
    --- 111.o Group 149/13
    --- 113.o Group 149/13
    --- 114.o Group 149/13
    --3.o Corps:
    --- Troops Corps
    ---- 26.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 101.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 16.o Group artillery 105/28
    ---- 107.o Group artillery 149/13
    --- 19.a Infantry Division "Venice"
    --- 26.A Infantry Division "Forli"
    --- 48.a Infantry Division "Taro"
    --14.o Corps with:
    --- Corps Troops
    ---- 6.o Cavalry Regiment
    ---- Tactical Group "Brisotto"
    ---- 2.o Alpine Regiment (-)
    ---- 4.o battalion Guardia di Finanza
    ---- 3.o police battalion
    ---- 13.o police battalion
    --- Grouping CCNN "Biscaccianti" with:
    ---- 80.a Legion CCNN
    ---- 109.a Legion CCNN
    ---- 93.o battalion CCNN
    --- Settore GAF "Dibrano" with:
    ---- Batteries GAF 218.a and 236.a
    ---- 4.o and the 5th Battalion GAF
    --- Settore GAF "Kosovo" with:
    ---- 1.o battalion MG GAF
    ---- Companies machine gunners, n. 629, 630
    --- Division of mountain infantry "Puglia"
    --- 41st Infantry Division "Florence"
    --17.o Corps (Armored) with:
    --- Corps Troops
    --- 19.o Cavalry Regiment
    ---- Grouping CCNN "Diamanti" with:
    ----- 28.a Legion CCNN
    ----- 108.a Legion CCNN
    ----- 115.a Legion CCNN
    ----- 136.a Legion CCNN
    ----- 152.a Legion CCNN
    ---- 1.a Legion Albanian CCNN "Skandemberg"
    ---- 23.a Legion CCNN
    ---- 22.o battalion riflemen bikers (part of the 5th Regiment riflemen)
    ---- 3.o battalion Mobile Guardia di Finanza
    ---- 11.o police battalion
    ---- 21.o motorized artillery regiment "Trieste"
    ---- 238.o battalion territorial Mobile
    ---- 313.o battalion territorial Mobile
    --- Subsector autonomous GAF "B" (46 / a) with:
    ---- Batteries GAF 217.a, 237.a, 238.a, 251.a
    ---- Companies machine gunners, n. 4, 11, 631, 632, 651
    --- Business GAF "Scutari" with:
    ---- Batteries GAF 112.a (105/28), 113.a (105/28), 232.a
    ---- 2.o and 3.o battalion gunners GAF
    ---- 2.o Department mixed genius (GAF)
    ---- 1. a company carristi border
    --- Armored Division "Centauro" (-)
    --- Infantry Division "Messina"
    --- Mountain Infantry Division "Marche"
    --26.o Corps:
    --- Corps Troops
    ---- 2.o battalion CCRR
    ---- Alpine Battalion "Val Leogra" (the Alpine 2.o group "Valley")
    ---- Alpine Battalion "Monterosa"
    ---- 10.o battalion CCNN
    ---- 9.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- Group mountain artillery "Val Chisone"
    ---- Group mountain artillery "Val d'Orco"
    ---- 230.a battery from GAF 149/35
    --- 29.a Infantry Division "Piedmont"
    --- 49th Infantry Division "Parma"
    --- 2a Alpine Division "Tridentine"
    --Settore "Librazhd" with:
    --Truppe And services Army Corps
    --- 4.o Bersaglieri regiment
    --- 7.o Cavalry Regiment
    --- Grouping Forest Militia "Agostini"
    --- Business GAF Lake Okrida with:
    ---- Batteries GAF 269.a and 270.a from 149/35
    ---- Companies machine gunners, n. 1a, 508, 515, 523, 613, 614, 627, 628, 643, 644
    --- Business GAF defensive "L" with:
    ---- Batteries GAF 215.a, 216.a, 221.a, 233.a (65/17), 234.a, 239.a (65/17)
    ---- Companies machine gunners, n. 3, 8, 10, 616, 652
    --53.a Infantry Division "Arezzo"
    --24.a Infantry Division "Pinerolo"
    --Divisione Alpine "Cuneense"
    -11.a Army
    --4.o Group antiaircraft from 75/46
    --3.o Grenadier Regiment
    --5.o Bersaglieri Regiment (-)
    --6.a Company genius sappers
    --4.o Corps:
    --- Troops Corps
    ---- Alpine battalion "Val Pescara" (the Alpine 2.o group "Valley")
    ---- 85.o battalion CCNN
    ---- 4.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 8.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 558.a company machine gunners, GAF
    ---- A company 81 mortars from a GAF
    ---- Mountain artillery group "Susa Valley"
    ---- 51.o Group artillery 152/37
    ---- A battery bombards 240/12 mm
    --- 5th Alpine Division "Pusteria"
    --- 22.a Infantry Division "Hunters of the Alps"
    --8.o Corps:
    --- Troops Corps
    ---- 106.o battalion machine gunners,
    ---- 113.o battalion machine gunners, 606.a company machine gunners,
    ---- 7.o Group artillery 105/28 of 3.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 8.o Group artillery 105/28 of 3.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 27.o Group artillery 105/28 of 9.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 114.o Group artillery 149/13 of 8.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 4.o Group 149/35 by the artillery 1.o Grouping d 'Army
    ---- 240.a and 268.a battery from GAF 149/35
    ---- 219.a battery GAF 75/27
    --- 47.a Infantry Division "Bari"
    --- 51.a Infantry Division "Siena"
    --- 59.a Infantry Division "Cagliari"
    --25.o Corps:
    --- Troops Corps
    ---- 2.o Bersaglieri Regiment (-)
    ---- 1.o Alpine Group "Valley"
    ---- Grouping CCNN "Galbiati"
    ---- 3.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 110.o battalion gunners CA
    ---- 3.a company flamethrower
    ---- 26.o grouping Corps with:
    ----- 14.o group 149/35
    ----- 28.o group 105/28
    ----- 115.o group 149/13
    ----- 116.o group 149/13
    ---- 81.a and 82.a battery GAF 105/28
    ---- 220.a battery GAF 75/27
    ---- 267.a and 267.abis battery GAF 149/35
    --- 5th Infantry Division "Sforzesca"
    --- 7.a Infantry Division "Lupi di Toscana"
    --- 11.a Infantry Division "Brenner"
    --- 23.A Infantry Division "Ferrara"
    --- 37th Infantry Division "Modena"
    --- 58.a Infantry Division "Legnano"
    --- 3.a Alpine Division "Julia"
    --Corpo Army Special:
    --- Troops Corps
    ---- Mobile Battalion CCRR of Albania
    ---- 9.o battalion CCNN
    ---- 12.o battalion CCNN
    ---- 85.o CCNN battalion (the 37th Infantry Division "Modena")
    ---- 114.o battalion machine gunners,
    ---- 539.a, 540.a, 602.a, 603.a, 624.a company 623.a machine gunners,
    ---- Mountain artillery group "Val Tanaro"
    ---- Mountain artillery group "Po Valley"
    ---- Command 42.o Grouping Artillery Corps with:
    ---- 7.o Group artillery 105/28 of 3.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 108.o Group artillery 149/13 of 3.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 32nd group 105/28 of 26.o Grouping Artillery Corps
    ---- 5.o Group bombards from 240/12 (two batteries)
    ---- Batteries GAF 113.a and 113.a from 105/28 to 149/12 bis
    ---- 211.a and 212.a battery GAF 75 / 27.06
    ---- 212.abis battery GAF from 70/15
    ---- 239.abis battery GAF from 65/17
    --- 6.a Infantry Division "Cuneo"
    --- 33rd Infantry Division "Acqui"

    All the best

    PS if you have time post for me also the Greeck maps.......
  2. 3.o Squadrone Automitragliatrici-Tripolitania

    30 June 2015 - 09:12 AM

    Hi Dili
    The topic it's an other "italian 1940 mistery" twenty years of research i find little traces of this units....but......At the start of the war where in AS only one colonial "armoured car" squadron : the Squadrone autoblindo Savari della Cirenaica. The unit was raised from Deposito della Cavalleria della Cirenaica in late 1933....but never employed after 1939. It originally have Vickers Terni armoured cars but all the machines are out in late 1939..obsolete machines that never fought during any actions of ww2. The 3.o Squadrone automitragliatrici (or 3.a compagnia automitragliatrici della Tripolitania) was raised in 1938 but the word "automitragliatrici" in italian ww2 military speaking dont means "armoured cars" but only "armoured trucks car". So the unit have in 1940 five to seven trucks with armoured protections and some Safat MG. Also it never employed in ww2 actions.
    Hope it help


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