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Hello Slavomir . Do you have more charts like those for other units, i am always trying to get to know what vehicles are in what sub-units

I already have that for
Infantry division
Alpine division
Autotrasportabili Division
Regimento TM(Territoriali Mobile)
Bersaglieri - but with wild variations

So those i don't need. As said above my main question are the vehicles, type and quantity per subunits.
Sure Dili,
Please send me your email. I have infantry division 1943, Motorized Division AS type and Armored Division 1941
Thanks. My email is [email protected]. If you are searching for anything specific just tell me what it is. I might have it.
Slawomir & Dili

Are these documents formazione di guerra or something else? I would be interested in any copies of formazione docs. The doc I have are likely the same ones Slawomir already possesses. I just received T821 rolls 35 and 36 from NARA.

v/r Jeff
WW2 Carabinieri Reenactor. Looking for information related to the CCRR.
My apologies but I just noticed this profile post. What information are you looking for?

Pista! Jeff
Were looking for information on Italian support units there composition, I don't suppose you have any info on that do you ?