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Mitragliatrice Fiat MOD.14/35

Mitragliatrice Fiat MOD.14/35

This weapon was designed after the Mod.14, but cooler system and caliber were different. It had a semiautomatic or automatic firing triggers. The barrel could have been changed after some thousands of rounds. It had 50 round “strips” but these could be installed one after another, so that there could be continuous firing power. This weapon was produced from 1935-1940.


Year 1935
Caliber 8.0 mm
Total Length 1265 mm
Barrel Length 550 mm
Tripod Weight 27 kg
Weight 17.2 kg
Max Rate of Fire 650 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 450 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 5200 Meters
Effective Range 1000 Meters
Velocity 750 mps

Expanded Photo provided by Lele