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Andrea Doria Class Battleship

Andrea Doria

The Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio were initially built in 1915-1916. However, extensive modernization was completed between 1933 and 1940. Some modernizations included lengthening the ships by 11 meters, reboring and rechambering of turrets for new rounds which weighed 493 lbs. The final 18 months of the Italian war effort kept these ships inactive due to major fuel shortages.


Length 186.9 m
Speed 27 knots
Beam 28 m
Main Guns 10 x 12.6″ in two triples and two doubles
Secondary Guns 12 x 5.3″ in 4 triple turrents
Armor Sides 250 mm, Blkd 80 mm, Deck 140mm, Turrents 280mm
Draft 8.6 m
Weight 23,887 Tons
Horsepower 75,000 shp
Compliment 1,490
Class Andrea Dorea, Caio Duilio


  1. Tom McGovern says:

    Hi Jim I have pics of the Andrea doria my friends father was on her 1941 he is on a gun mount and pics of the men in front of the big guns . He talked about the ship and told me the the captain was from his town .and gave him food and fuel to bring back to the town.sadly he past away this week he was 90 .I will scan thevpics and e mail them to you . He also has a metal for hitting a plane with his gun . Talk to you soon Tom